What process do I need to follow to get my building plan finalised and approved?

Before you go ahead and purchase the plan of your dreams, make sure you’ve checked with your Local Council or Determining Authority whether you are permitted to develop the type of property/house you like on the block of land you have purchased or are planning to purchase.


Is the full planning assistance package available worldwide?

All plans and supportive services purchased from this web page site are only suitable to be used in Australia. The plans and supportive documents available from this web site are designed to assist a purchaser for a lodgement of an application to a relevant determining Authority in Australia only.

House and Floor plans can be purchased worldwide and modified to suit your country’s requirements.


Are there additional copyright fees when I purchase a plan?

No. When you purchase a design from Our Home Design you receive unlimited license to use the design as your own (in other words NO copyright applies).


Can I purchase and resell multiple plans?

Yes. Our Home Design house and floor plans come with unlimited license to use as you wish, i.e. NO copyright applies.


Can you help me to obtain building quotes for my development proposal?

Yes, Our Home Design can help you by providing building plans with the details required for a Licensed Builder to supply estimate building quotes. Once you’ve chosen the builder, your estimate building quote will become your Fixed Price Contract with that builder.


Does Our Home Designs help build my house?

No, we will help you choose a suitable builder but once the build starts, we’ve completed our role. We recommend that you use the same Building Certifier to inspect and provide compliance certificates during the development application process and to ensure the building works are undertaken within all relevant current regulations. We also advise you to seek legal support in checking and understanding your Building Contract before signing it.


What do I do before a builder starts building?

You need to make sure that your builder has a current license to build and that the license is still valid. To do this, ask your builder for a copy of his/her license and check with your Local Council that it is valid.

We also recommend that you get a copy of all insurances the builder requires for your project, including the home warranty insurance. (Other insurances they should have are Public Liability and Sub-Contractor’s Public Liability)

Don’t sign any building contract without having your legal advisor checking it first.