Our Home Designs doesn’t just specialise in designing concepts for single, double or split level houses, we are also able to deliver house concept plans for other types of houses such as Duplexes or Granny Flats (secondary houses).

Buy one of our duplex or granny flat house and floor plans for just $49.95 today and get unlimited usage. That means you’ll own the copyright as well.

Make sure you know what your Local Council requirements are regarding these types of residential houeses are before you buy your duplex or secondary (granny flat) house and floor concept plans. Many Local Councils have restrictive policies for duplex or granny flat style developments..


What is a duplex or dual occupancy house?

Dual occupancy or duplex house designs may be just what you’re looking for. A duplex is two homes on one property which can be subdivided at completion. In Australia, they must be over 60m2 in area. Duplex designs are ideal for retirees or couples who don’t have children. Duplexes mean no Body Corporate to keep happy and no strata fees to worry about. They are simply smaller, more manageable home units that may suit your changing lifestyle.


What is a secondary house or granny flat?

A secondary house or granny flat is not over 60m2 in area and cannot be subdivided when completed. Our Home Designs has some suitable house concept plans you may like to purchase.


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Can’t find a house plan that suits your block or ideas? Our Home Design has extensive experience in maximising your block’s potential and delivering the home design of your dreams. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll work closely with you to create a custom duplex house development plan that exceeds your expectations. Let us make your dream a reality!

Looking for something bigger? Maximise the use of your land by developing up to four home units with Our Home design’s customised design service. Plans can be developed based on existing ideas or we can develop the entire proposal for you.


Struggling with the paperwork?

Our Home Design offers you an opportunity to upgrade your design package to include support (within Australia) with obtaining development approval from your Llocal Aapproving Authority / Council. Local Councils may have policies that restrict certain development concepts and their requirements must be complied with i you are to gain approval to build.

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Larger developments can be prepared through our partnership with our architect. Contact us to discuss your individual house development needs.

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