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To help you on the way, we have a range of prepared plans that can be purchased, royalty free, for just $49.95. That means that once you’ve paid for the house and floor plans, they’re yours to use as you please.

Browse through our selection of house plans using the categories below. If you see a house or floor plan you like but would like some modifications, we would be happy to customise the plans for you.


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What’s included when I buy a concept house plan?

When you buy one of our concept home and floor plans, you get:

  • Concept house plans and floor plans drawn to scale in AUTOCAD (includes elevation sections).
  • Unlimited licence use. This means you have the freedom to alter and use the plan in any way you like once it’s purchased. We can make the changes for you, or you can get your own draftsperson or architect change the plans.
  • Free quote for modification or customisation if needed.
  • An option to upgrade the Concept plan to a Full Assistance Package, which means we give you assistance with Council approval and builders quotes, should you need it (only in Australia).


How can Our Home Design help me further?

Our Home Design can also be hired to make alterations to plans, draft the full working drawings and assist in the process of gaining Local Council approval within Australia.

Quotes to carry out drafting and assisting you with Council approval can be obtained when purchasing any of our concept plans or by contacting Our Home Design.


What do I need to do once I’ve purchased my concept plan?

When you purchase one of our house and floor plans online, you purchase full scale concept plans only. This means you will need to make adjustments to the plans to make sure:

  • they’re suitable for your block of land or the clock you intend buying
  • they comply with your Local Council requirements and policies.

We can assist you with these changes if you are within Australia.

What if I live outside of Australia?
You are still able to purchase concept plans, but will need to ensure you make alterations to the plans to ensure they meet the requirements and building policies of your country and Local Council.


Our copyright policy

Our copyright policy is unique. Once you buy one of our house plans online, you also buy the right to alter and change the house plans to suit your needs.

When you buy a plan with us, you can take your plan to any draftsperson, architect or building designer and they have the right to work directly on our original concept, without breaching copyright. This flexibility is great for those who already have a draftsperson or building designer working for them. If you don’t have another draftsperson in mind though, why not get us to make the alterations for you?

* Plans remain copyright and the property of Our Home Designs until payment has been received.